We find comfort in Weaves

The Loom Collection

Hand-woven by indigenous artisans in Chiapas

The Marimar Collection

Handmade from Oaxacan Cotton

the Maya collection

Inspired by Mayan Mexico 

Eco and Sustainable

Cactus Leather


In 2020 we began working with cactus leather. The feedback we have received is remarkable.

We are incredibly proud to be designing with and supporting this revolutionary Mexican product.

100% vegan, PETA approved

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Vegan Approved



Looking Back at 2020

Looking Back at 2020

2020 was no doubt quite a challenge for us all. It certainly has been tough, Yet it has also been incredibly bittersweet. For the first time in a l...

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Crochet weaving in Chiapas

We are so proud and lucky to work with such an incredibly skilled indigenous community of women living up in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico.

Their craft has been handed down to them through many generations and was originally implemented to create strong ropes to carry fire wood. Today they continue to live remotely and practice their ancestral skills to create our bag straps and belts.

They sit outside working together with a view of the mountains and operate as a cooperative guaranteeing them a steady income.

Glass-bead weaving in Mexico City

Max, 23 has been creating glass bead jewellery and Huichol (an ancient Mexican folk art) style pieces for 7 years.

We have been working with Max to create our zig-zag design beaded straps since the beginning of 2020.

Once the glass bead straps have been hand threaded by Max we then turn them into bag straps and jewellery pieces for you to enjoy, wear and stand out.

Loom Weaving in Campeche

In 2019 we began working with an incredibly talented community of women in Campeche who fled Guatemala during the civil war. 

They brought with them weaving skills using a back-strap loom which has been passed down to them through generations. They have now formed a working community ensuring consistent jobs for their highly-coloured hand-dyed cotton fabrics.  

So far, we have designed The Artesana Bag to incorporate their beautiful thick coloured fabrics and share them across the world but we hope to expand this range in the future.

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