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Article: A Mexican Adventure - One For The Bucket List!

A Mexican Adventure - One For The Bucket List!

A Mexican Adventure - One For The Bucket List!

Xilitla is a place you about a lot in Mexico, by the few people who have actually been there or the many others who have it firmly on their bucket list. We decided this was a part of Mexico we had to discover. 
Some people are put off by the treacherous 5 hour journey through windy dirt roads and hills in the Mexican Wild West. Going incognito, we hid our identities as three ridiculously over excited girls and dressed up in caps, hoodies and sunglasses.
Looking mean and pretty unstoppable, we head up to the Mexican jungle to find the magic we had been promised. 
Beautiful Xilitla with its dense jungle, mountainous landscape and natural waterfalls inspired a British poet, Edward James, to create a garden of eden. In 1950 he began constructing Las Pozas, a collection of surrealist sculptures and castle-like structures throughout the jungle. He is worshiped by the local community for creating jobs; initially to create the site and then to care for it while people from all over Mexico and the rest of the world come to visit it. 
We spent four days exploring the natural waterfalls and wonderful sites around Xilitla. We honestly felt as though we had stepped into a Disney film, it seemed too idyllic to be real.
Here are a collection of our photographs which we hope will wet your appetite for a Mexican adventure one day: 
This is the entranceway to our hotel called Posada El Castillo which was once the home of Edward James himself. We recommend staying here to feel fully immersed in his surrealist adventure. 
We hope you have the chance to visit this breathtaking place. Let us know if you need any more info from us!
Millie & Sarah
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