Being an independent brand, with a small team, we are constantly trying our best to make changes towards becoming as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.
Our previous collection has used leather from the by-product of the meat industry. Despite the fact that this leather is far more sustainable than plastic based vegan options, we have been keen to find other options. 
We are incredibly proud and excited to launch something very new and special, a leather offering made entirely from cactus!

We are so proud to be working with the emblematic Mexican Nopal (cactus) plant. It reinforces our love for Mexico and its heritage, which we strive to represent across all of our designs. 

The Cactus leather is as buttery soft as cows leather and smells a little like chocolate. It has the same durability as leather thanks to its strong molecular bonding in which cactus plays an important role, and looks as good, if not better. Cactus leather has the following qualities:
Our journey doesn't stop here. We are always in the look out to better our supply chain and production. We want to constantly improve and create more positive impact to the environment as we grow.