As an independent brand, with a small team, we are constantly trying to make positive changes towards becoming as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.
Leather has been a general topic of debate in the fashion industry for years, we would love to share where we stand.


Cactus Leather

(+) We love seeing new innovations surrounding raw materials. We had been keeping a very close eye on vegan alternatives to leather and decided to opt for cactus leather, most other offerings are made from plastic. We are very close to the nopal plant (cactus) as we have Mexico in the heart of our products. It reinforces our love for Mexico and its heritage, which we strive to represent across all of our designs. The cactus leather is as buttery soft as cows leather and smells a little like chocolate. It has the same durability as leather thanks to its strong molecular bonding in which cactus plays an important role and looks as good, if not better. 

Cactus leather has the following qualities 

 (-) Although the look and feel of cactus leather are very close to real leather, its lifespan is often shorter than that of their leather counterparts. We are also much more limited in the colour offerings available.  

 Real Leather

(+) We started creating accessories with real leather a few years ago. Real leather has proven longevity, having one of the longest life cycles of a raw material. Its durability and ability to soften with time makes it one of the best materials to create investment pieces such as our bags; which are designed to last. At the end of its lifecycle, leather is biodegradable. 

(-) We acknowledge that leather is far from perfect. Cow farms remain to be the largest contributor to methane. However, it is not within our control to remove the existence of these farms. What we can do is to minimise waste production through purchasing by-product leather from these farms. 

 Understanding this, we want to view sustainability as a whole, which is why we have chosen to use a mix of both real and vegan leathers for our products. Our journey doesn't stop here, we are always on the lookout to better our supply chain and production. We aim to constantly improve and create a more positive impact on the environment as our product range and business grows.