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Transparency and integrity are important to us:
  • We pay our artisans and workers at least five times the local minimum wage and ensure continuous work and a steady income. We take responsibility for the job security, work conditions and happiness of our entire team.
  • All our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable and created by forward-thinking companies.
  • We are not afraid to do things differently, experiment and innovate - harnessing new inventions like sustainable cactus leather to give their leaves a new lease of life.

Breaking free from classic fashion seasons, our new releases drop regularly and everything we sell is a limited edition: we are and will remain a mindfully small boutique to respect the pace it takes to make beautiful wares and ensure a lighter footprint on the planet.


We believe that sustainability and ethical production isn’t a destination, but a journey in which we continually strive to improve. For more information or to share feedback, please email us on