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The Artisans

   In 2014 Millie & Sarah fell in love with Mexican craft, culture and magic. We set out on a mission to find incredibly skilled women who work together in their communities and use traditional craft handed down through many generations.   

On our journey we have met the most wonderful artisans across rural Mexico. These indigenous communities are at the very heart of Tea & Tequila. Our designs aim to celebrate these fantastic women and support their indigenous craft and communities.   

Tea & Tequila believes in fashion that carries a story, is crafted with love, and looks after all the individuals responsible for its production.    

On that note, we are incredibly proud to introduce them to you now...  

Living in an isolated indigenous community in the Chiapan mountains these amazing women hand-weave our colourful bag straps. They speak in an indigenous Mexican language called Tzotzil, however their younger members also speak in Spanish so we are able to communicate with ease. 
They meet at each other's houses to chat and weave most days. Many have been taught to weave ropes like these from a very young age. Originally they were created in order to carry large bundles of firewood, so they are extremely strong and resilient!
The Artesana Bag Project
Campeche, Yucatan, Mexico
In February 2019 we began working with an incredibly talented community of women in Campeche who fled Guatemala during the civil war.
They brought with them weaving skills using a back-strap loom which has been passed down to them through generations. They have now formed a working community ensuring consistent jobs for their highly-coloured hand-dyed cotton fabrics.
We designed The Artesana Bag to incorporate their beautiful thick coloured fabrics and share them across the world.
Here is a selection of images of the amazing women who created The Artesana Bag:
It is a huge honour to work with all these women and we hope to improve their lives and sustain their craft for many generations to come.
And finally, here are some photographs of The Artesana Bags created in our collaboration:


The Glass Bead Straps
Hand Threaded in Mexico City
Max, 23 alongside Don Lucho, 65 have been creating glass bead jewellery and Huichol (an ancient Mexican folk art) style pieces for years. Max began his business seven years ago just after finishing school. 
The glass beads are smooth and cooling to wear against the skin and look beautifully intricate, they really are a piece of art, just as an accessory should be. 
We have been working with Max to create our zig-zag design beaded straps since the beginning of 2020. We have supplied him with a constant and steady flow of work / income ever since, paying between 5 and 7 times the minimum wage per strap. Once the glass bead straps have been hand threaded by Max we then turn them into bag straps and jewellery pieces for you to enjoy, wear and stand out.