The Loom Collection is a new approach to the way you think about clothing – one that promises to be more thoughtful and closer to the origins of the product.

We hope to create a community that will focus on the importance of sustainable, slow fashion through our pieces.

To achieve this, we've partnered with a community of artisans based in Chiapas, Mexico.

Each piece in the loom collection is made from handwoven fabric, with every inch of the fabric made by hand.

The artisans created hand-woven fabric using a traditional loom using 100% cotton threads, making it completely biodegradable. The loom is called a Telar de Cintura - a Waist Loom, typical to Zinacantan, Chiapas. This is an ancient technique that dates to more than 3400 years in Mexico and it gets its name from the leather strap worn around their waist which holds the threads and material in place.
This process is used in many parts of Mexico, and we are so happy to be working with incredible weavers in Chiapas and in doing so, preserve traditional craftsmanship. It's a process that requires a lot of physical work but produces some of the most beautiful fabric that you'll ever see. 
The weaving process is a slow, time consuming and physically demanding task. It starts with preparing the threads, weaving the actual fabric piece and hand sewing the finishing touches to secure the fabric.
The fabric created is limited to the width of the loom used, usually around 0.5m. The length is also dependent on the weft. 
The artisans we work with takes 3 days to create 1.30 m x 0.5 m fabric piece with the backstrap loom they have. 
It requires at least:
2.5m for the trousers
2.5m for the shacket
2.5m for the dress
1m for the corset top
which means... it takes up roughly 14 full days just to create the fabric needed for the set!
These pieces are utterly unique, and each individual thread is woven with love and care. 
We hope these pieces will lift your spirits and inspire your days as they did for us ✨
Introducing the team of weavers (from L-R): Antonia, Laura, Petrona, Porfirio and Lalila Lopez


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