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Zinacantán Artisans - Hand-woven Loom Fabrics, Chiapas


The use of these fabrics preserves traditional craftsmanship and honours the skilled hands that still create them today.

---The hand-woven fabric is created using a traditional loom and 100% cotton threads, making it completely biodegradable. The loom is called a Telar de Cintura (waist loom) and this is ancient technique dates to over 3400 years ago in Mexico.

The time and spirit of the artisans, who spend hours carefully weaving this delicate fabric, is soaked up by the loom, enriching every weave 🧶 We then carry this energy around with us when we wear these artisanal pieces, empowering both maker and wearer ✨⁠

The weaving process is a slow, time consuming and physically demanding task. It starts with preparing the threads, weaving the actual fabric piece and hand sewing the finishing touches to secure the fabric.
The artisans we work with take 3 days to create one 1.30 m x 0.5 m fabric piece. 
We require at least 2.5m for most of our items.
These pieces are utterly unique, and each individual thread carries the love, heritage and soul of the Zinacantán community ❤️