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Cielo Rebozo T-shirt Dress

Cielo Rebozo T-Shirt Dress
This fun and easy dress is created from 100% Mexican cotton and linen.
The soft cotton Rebozo fabric is breathable and lightweight making this the perfect Summer dress to throw on and run to the beach. 
The linen and cotton fabrics are created from natural fibres making this dress fully biodegradable as well as incredibly soft on the skin.
  • Linen and cotton mix
  • Woven on a wooden loom
  • One-size fits most
  • Adjustable Belted waist
  • Hidden side pockets
  • Cold machine wash
  • The t-shirt dress is one-size.

(Sarah) The model is 5'8'' and is a UK size 8 - 10

About Rebozos

These rebozos are handmade in Tlaxcala, Mexico using a “telar de pedal” (wooden loom with pedals) which consists of passing the warp above and below a weft, crossing it repeatedly until weaving the fabric, slowly incorporating the chosen colors of threads to create these two-tone designs. Rebozo means “shawl” and holds huge cultural significance in Mexico, a cultural emblem of women's ceremony and daily life. It is also believed that women who wear Rebozo move with grace ✨



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