Tea & Tequila

Honey Velvet Palm Tree Bag

£60 £120

Handmade in Mexico from a muted shade of mango yellow velvet, embedded with traditional embroidery by Mexican artisans using glass beads. This compact piece has an adjustable velvet strap and opens to a bright pink printed lining featuring Zapotec design.

You can expect to find:

  • High quality construction
  • Inside card pocket for easy access, for business or bank cards
  • Hand embroidered glass-beads / sequins
  • A vibrant lining with colourful Zapotec patterns from Oaxaca
  • Delivered to you in a cotton Tea & Tequila dust bag
  • A detachable velvet shoulder strap
  • A detachable velvet wrist strap
  • Dimensions 20cm  x 16.5cm
  • Shoulder strap length (adjustable): 110cm

Each bag is exclusive and individually designed by Tea & Tequila blending their inspiration and love for traditional Mexican craft with their inherently British style.

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