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The Long Solace Necklace


18K gold-plated chain necklace with Citrine crystal gemstones.

A delicate chain featuring raw, hand-cut gemstones bringing an effortless aura to an elegant look with its subtle asymmetry. Made with crystals from the heart of Mexico carrying healing powers:

Citrine - The sun stone, a warm and happy stone of joy and abundance.

This incredibly versatile jewellery piece can be worn in multiple ways:

  • A long necklace to layer up with your other jewellery
  • Adjust the length to make it short at the front and then hang down your back
  • Wrap it around your neck to make it a choker
  • Wrap it around your wrist to create a bracelet
  • Wrap it around your waist to create a belt
  • Length: 36cm (adjustable) 

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