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Valentina Trousers


High waisted, straight leg, full length trousers created from 100% cotton, hand-loomed fabric in Mexico.

The fabric is hand-woven using traditional techniques by indigenous communities of women in Chiapas, Mexico.

They are incredibly soft and made from Mexican cotton meaning they are completely biodegradable.

We have lined the trousers with a soft cotton fabric for comfort and support.

It takes 6 days to create the fabric needed to create this trousers, read more about the weaving process here.

Loom is a label of love. 
And just as the ancient technique of weaving by the loom lives on through the lives that come afterwards, the Loom piece is designed not only for you - but also for the generations to come.

○ ○ 

Model is a size 8 and wears a size S/M.

* Please note this item will not be included in any discounts.

Care instructions:

The artesana fabric is woven and delicate. We suggest to only hand-wash in cold water, with mild detergent and hang dry naturally (never use a hot dryer) to prevent shrinkage and preserve the colour and softness of the fabric.


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