The Backpack & Tote Bag In One

Introducing The Mochila Bag
When carrying a tote bag, who doesn’t want to sling it onto their back every now and again.
That’s how our latest design, The Mochila Bag, was born. A backpack whose straps slide up into a tote bag, or reverse it the other way around, its a multi-functional two-in-one bag.
A lightweight and practical companion that will last. 
The Mochila Bag features a laptop slip, phone pocket and card holder built into its silky lining. 
Stay looking smart, slick and comfortable with all your daily essentials at hand OR on your back!
The bags are available in a variety of fabrics and colours; our 100% sustainable and organic cactus leather, our sustainably sourced real leather and a woven raffia.
The straps matched with the bag exteriors are handwoven by an incredibly skilled community of indigenous women in Chiapas, Mexico who have practised this ancient craft for generations. 
We care deeply about protecting, preserving and promoting their wonderful work to ensure it never disappears. 
We are proud to support and be a part of the #slowfashion revolution for handmade design, caring for our workers, artisans, indigenous communities and the environment.
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