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Loom Weaving in Campeche

In 2019, we began working with an incredibly talented community of weavers based in Chiapas, Mexico.

They practice the art of weaving using a back-strap loom, a skill that has been passed down to them through generations. They have now formed a working community ensuring consistent jobs for their highly-coloured hand-dyed cotton fabrics.  

We have fallen deeply in love with this beautiful art and decided to collaborate with them to create the The Loom Collection

We are excited to continue on this journey together with the weavers - to create timeless pieces that perserves this beautiful craft.

Crochet weaving in Chiapas

We are so proud and lucky to work with an community of skilled indigenous community of women living up in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico to create our woven belts and bag straps.

The ancient macrame technique they use was originally implemented to create strong ropes to carry fire wood.

Today, they can continue to practice their ancestral skills, whilst they sit outside, working together with a view of the mountains and operate as a cooperative guaranteeing them a steady income.

Glass-bead weaving in Mexico City

Max has been practicing Huichol, an ancient Mexican folk beading technique, to create beautiful beaded jewellery for the last decade.

In 2020, we began collaborating with Max and created a playful and bold zig-zag motif made from glass bead. We then turn it into stunning bag straps (margarita & taco bags) and statement jewelleries (mamacita collection).

Each bead is carefully hand-threaded and takes an average of 3 days to make.

We can't wait to see what other motifs and patterns Max and Tea & Tequila will create next 🧡