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Our Story

The Artisan brand with a British heart and Mexican soul

Founded in 2015 by Sarah Goodwin (Mexico City) and Millie Bellville (London), Tea & Tequila is a raw combination of contemporary British style and traditional Mexican craftsmanship. Our aim is to celebrate and promote the incredible talent and skill of Mexican artisans while creating unique pieces that incorporate their crafts.

Our aesthetic cherishes artisanal individuality, it’s striking, vibrant and unmistakable. We work closely and collaboratively with individual artisans to ensure that their crafts are respectfully incorporated into our designs. Drawing inspiration from the flowing silhouettes of the seventies to the intricate rebozo shawls of Frida Kahlo, the plants and palms of the tropics to its warm spicy hues: chimole pinks, cayenne reds and tajin oranges.

        Here fanciful party pieces interact with love-forever keepsakes. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to making clothing & jewellery. We combine traditional Mexican craftsmanship with a contemporary sensibility and strive to experiment and innovate, harnessing new inventions like cactus leather to give old leaves a new lease of life. Our focus on sustainability and ethical production ensures that our brand is environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

 In a world that pushes faster production, we take things slow. We honor the skilled hands that craft each piece, as well as the time and love put into every stitch, gemstone and weave. Our mission is to empower the artists and artisans that lie at the heart of our brand, to celebrate and preserve traditional techniques inherited down through the ages.

Breaking free from classic fashion seasons, our new releases drop regularly and everything we sell is a limited edition: we are and will remain a mindfully small boutique to respect the pace it takes to make beautiful wares and ensure a lighter footprint on the planet.

Todo acto de creación, es un acto de amor’ 

Every Act of Creation is an Act of Love.  


T&T has one foot in Mexico City and one in London with studio showrooms in Condesa HERE and Lots Road HERE

Transparency and integrity are important to us:

  • We pay our artisans and workers at least five times the local minimum wage and ensure continuous work and a steady income. We take responsibility for the job security, work conditions and happiness of our entire team.

  • All our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable and created by forward-thinking companies.

We believe that sustainability and ethical production isn't a destination, but a journey in which we continually strive to improve.

For more information or to share feedback, please email us on