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Our Mission

At Tea & Tequila we are always taking steps towards transparency and integrity.

We believe in building strong, sustainable, long-term working relationships with our artisans and collaborators, in order to grow in a respectful way, full of love, celebrating Mexican culture, craftsmanship and talent.

We ensure that the artisans and collaborators we partner with are paid at least five times the local minimum wage. We strive to provide them with continuous work and a steady income, and in doing so, create livelihood opportunities for Mexican women & men through craft. 

As an environmentally conscious brand we take responsibility for the impact our business has on the planet. That's why we stay focused on our values and mission: 

  • To revive and preserve traditional, ancient crafts
  • To strengthen fair-trade, long-term partnerships and relationships.
  • To incorporate eco-conscious, biodegradable and long lasting materials for our production & packaging

    Tea & Tequila seeks to bring together artists, communities, individuals, designs, Mexican culture, craft and contemporary British style through unique clothing & jewellery collections.

    Discover more about each artisan under the Artists & Artisans tab 🧡