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Repairs & Aftercare

| The Seam Partnership |

We’ve partnered with The Seam to offer you a 20% discount on alterations and repairs on all of your Tea & Tequila garments. The Seam connects you with local, specialist Makers to alter, repair and transform your wardrobe and keep fashion circular. Visit The Seam and use the code TEAANDTEQUILA20 to receive 20% off.
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| aftercare tips & tricks |


Gold & Silver Plated Jewellery
Our gemstones will bring you love, but it's a two way relationship. They require your love & care too! 
The 22ct gold-plating coats the brass, silver & tin base metal. With proper care, you can extend their life and enjoyment of your jewellery
Please be mindful of acidic substances as they can damage your plated pieces. Avoid exposing them to water, perfume, or hand sanitisers.
Keep in mind that the way your unique skin oils interact with different metals and plating is personal to each individual. While we strive for durability, we cannot be held responsible for any tarnishing that may occur. 
To ensure your jewellery maintains its shine, we offer a free re-gilding service within one year of purchase. After that, a small charge will be applied. 
For the best cleaning results, we recommend using a soft cotton cloth to polish your pieces. 
Remember, taking care of your jewellery ensures its longevity and allows it to continue adding beauty to your life.
Cactus Leather
The key to maintaining your leather pieces is to immediately clean stains with a slightly wet non-abrasive cloth (such as a micro-fiber towel) and mild soap. We recommend hand-washing your pieces only when necessary to keep the longevity of the leather. Do not tumble dry.
Natural Dye
Protect your naturally dyed pieces by washing them as infrequently as possible and by choosing to air dry them in a cool breeze away from the sunlight. Make sure not to store your pieces in direct sunlight to protect the colour.
100% Woven Rebozo Cotton Fabric
When hand-washing is not an option, use the most delicate cycle on your machine. The use of cold water is recommended and drying your pieces naturally.
100% Cotton Loom Hand-woven Fabric
The Loom fabric is woven and delicate. We suggest only hand-washing without scrubbing in cold water inside out, with mild detergent and leaving your pieces to hang dry naturally (never use a hot dryer) to prevent shrinkage and to preserve the colour and softness of the fabric.
100% Linen or Cotton
Can be both hand-washed and machine-washed in cold water, on a delicate cycle with mild detergent. Should be drained without twisting and hung in a cool, dry place to dry.
100% Tencel
Dry cleaning is usually preferable. Can be washed separately in a machine in cold water and on a delicate cycle, with mild detergent. Under no circumstances should these pieces be tumble dried - they should be drained without twisting and then dried in a cool dry place.
Can be washed by hand in cold water using mild soup, without scrubbing. These pieces should be drained without twisting and hung in a cool dry place. They can also be machine washed on a delicate cycle, using mild detergent. Under no circumstances should these pieces be tumble dried.
Ideally, you should brush your velvet pieces regularly using a soft clothing brush to avoid the build up of residue. We suggest brushing every week or so. Velvet absorbs liquid, so in the case your item gets wet, steam the area using a steamer and a soft clothing brush to buff out any wet patches. Do not steam directly onto the material.
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