Our brand is growing and we would love to expand our team
O P E N   R O L E S

Internship at Tea & Tequila (Based in London, UK)

About Tea & Tequila

Founded in 2015 by Millie Bellville and Sarah Goodwin, Tea & Tequila is a raw combination of British style, innovative creativity and the kick of a margarita. Striking, vibrant and unmistakable: our aesthetic is all about artisanal individuality. 

Here fanciful party pieces interact with love-forever keepsakes. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to making clothes, combining traditional Mexican craftsmanship with a contemporary sensibility. We are not afraid to do things differently, experiment and innovate - harnessing new inventions like sustainable cactus leather to give their leaves a new lease of life.

In a world that pushes faster production, we take things slow. We honour the skilled hands that craft each piece, as well as the time and love put into every stitch, bead and weave. Our mission is to empower the indigenous craftswomen that lie at the heart of our brand, to celebrate and preserve traditional textile techniques inherited down through the ages. Breaking free from classic fashion seasons, our new releases drop regularly and everything we sell is a limited edition: we are and will remain a mindfully small boutique to respect the pace it takes to make beautiful wares and ensure a lighter footprint on the planet.

 About the Internship:

As we grow, we would love to meet and connect with people who share the same passion of slowing down fashion, sustainability and traditional craft. We also need some extra hands to collaborate and help with the general running of the company alongside Millie (our Co-Founder) in London. Whether it’s marketing, operations, finance, design or management you major at - we offer our platform for you to experiment and create as your heart desires! 

We’d love to hear about your ideas. Tea & Tequila is a small business run by a small team based in London and Mexico, which means we have a very open and collaborative working culture - we don’t believe in hierarchy and we always strive for everyone’s voice to be heard. 

This is internship is based in our HQ in Chelsea, London. Ideally, we’d love to have you for a minimum of 3 months but the hours and/or days are flexible.

 If you are interested and would like to know more, please send us your CV and a short paragraph explaining what you hope to gain from your internship with us to admin@teaandtequila.com