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Rainbow Gemstone Ring


Mexican Multi-Colour Gemstone Ring

A spectrum of semi-precious gemstones hand-cut in Mexico encased in 18 carat gold-plating with a silver & bronze mixed base metal

The gemstone colours and shapes can vary from the photograph making each and every piece unique while adding to their artisanal authenticity

Gemstones embedded into an 18 carat gold-plated casing with a silver & bronze mixed base metal

Created from Mexican crystal gemstones carrying healing powers: 

Black Onyx - A powerful protection stone, aiding physical energy and stamina

Pink Agate - to help stabilise the aura

Blue Agate - is a very cooling and calming stone, assisting with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings

Jasper - Grounding, providing comfort and security

White Quartz - Carry the ability to relieve stress and keep away negative emotions
Citrine - The sun stone, a warm and happy stone of joy and abundance
Jade - Growth and stability, encouraging introspection

Handmade in Mexico 


Only 3 pieces in stock!

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