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Sodalina Aura Ring

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Gemstone Powers

Molten Gold Bezel-Set Sodalina Ring

22k Gold-Plated on Brass.

A delicate stacking ring created by Mexican artisans.

The Wisdom Aura Ring 

My aura attracts those who are open-minded, inviting them to see beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

I am the thoughts that arrive when you stop for just a moment, here to help you discover the amazing secrets of life. My wisdom comes not only from books, but from the understanding of others, kindness and quiet observation. 

Please note the selection and types of gemstones used vary, making each piece unique, one-of-a-kind and truly artisanal.

Care Instructions: 

With proper care, you can extend the life and enjoyment of your jewellery. Please be mindful of acidic substances as they can damage your plated pieces. Avoid exposing them to water, perfume, or hand sanitisers. Similarly, strong sunlight and heat can also damage your jewellery, causing the gemstones to lose their colour & shine.

For the best cleaning results, we recommend using a soft cotton cloth to polish your pieces.

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Sodalina Aura Ring - Tea & Tequila
Sodalina Aura Ring Sale price£80.00