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Article: The Loom Collection | Lalila, Valentina & Selva

The Loom Collection | Lalila, Valentina & Selva

The Loom Collection | Lalila, Valentina & Selva

In 2019, we worked with indigenous artisans in Campeche to create the Artesana Bag Project.
The artisans created hand-woven fabric using a traditional loom using 100% cotton threads, making it completely biodegradable. 
We grew a deep appreciation for the craft and fell in love with the Artesana fabric. We decided to continue to explore, and in 2020, we created the Loom Collection with a team of indigenous artisans in Chiapas, Mexico.
The artisans in Chiapas use a Telar de Cintura - a Waist Loom, typical to Zinacantan, Chiapas. This is an ancient technique that dates to more than 3400 years in Mexico and it gets its name from the leather strap worn around their waist which holds the threads and material in place.
For this collection, each piece of fabric takes 3 days to make 
One day is spent separating the threads, the second is spent weaving the actual piece and the third day is spent on the details and finishing of the piece. 
We have designed 3 patterns in the Artesana loom fabric:
💜 The Lalila 🧡
We named this multi-color pattern after Lalila, the beautiful daughter of an artisan we work with. We thought it seemed fitting as the colours remind us of her vibrant, joyful energy 

❤️ The Valentina 💖
We named this pattern Valentina which translates to strength in Latin. The mix of pink and red creates a bold statement look, yet the soft cotton gives it a touch of delicateness. 
 💚 The Selva 💛
On our Mexican travels, we have experience the Lacandon Jungle; home to incredible biodiversity and Mayan archeological sites. The heart of this rainforest is located in the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas. We named this pattern Selva which translates to jungle in Spanish.
💚     💖     💛     🧡
These pieces are utterly unique, and each individual thread is woven with love and care. 
We hope these pieces will lift your spirits and inspire your days as they did for us ✨
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