We have walked into clothing and we're loving it!

After launching our first Salsa Dress at the end of last year we were so moved by the reception they received despite the delayed launch meant winter was fully on the way! When 2020 came around we felt something pulling us in the direction of clothing.
Similarly to our bag and jewellery designs, we aim not to follow passing trends; instead our designs are created to last and make you feel playful and fun and always to encourage lots of dancing. 
We have always been flexible as all startups need to be and love the freedom we have to flow in any direction we find ourselves pulled in. We have experimented since day one with Tea & Tequila and this movement to incorporate a ready-to-wear line is very exciting.
Mexican textiles are so rich in colour and detail. We started out with light cotton and linens for the summer, incorporating some embroidery and hand woven artisan straps made in Chiapas. 
. We have always been inspired by embroidery and weaving, Mexico has such a strong and rich culture of artisanal craft that we try to incorporate in all of our pieces.
We are now working with a group of artisans in Oaxaca who have begun weaving some beautiful fabrics for our first ever winter collection. 
We are beyond excited to share what's to come.. 
Watch this space... Our Paloma Dresses will be launching soon!