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Luna - Plant-Dyed Linen, Mexico City

This craft is a slow process that asks the artist to connect with nature’s ground and roots. In Mexico, textile artisans are reverting back to natural dyes, in an attempt to revive ancient traditions and protect against the risks of chemical dyes.
Our 'Hibiscus' colour is created from Palo de Brazil (Mexican Logwood). More than 5kg is required to obtain such a deep colour and the fabric must be left to rest in the dye for a minimum of a week and a half
Our 'Tierra' colour is made from  a combination of Palo de Brazil (purple) + Pericon (yellow) + Zacatlascalli (scarlet)
Our 'Eucalyptus' fabric is dyed using yerba mate leaves (green) mixed with a splash of indigo (blue)
We were so lucky to discover Luna, the most wonderful textile artisan based in Mexico City. She specialises in natural dyeing, using plants and flowers native to Mexico.
What makes this slow art of natural dye so important to Mexico?
In general we are using plants and roots local to Mexico that may or may not be available around the world. For example the Cempasuchil flower is very easy to get hold of in Mexico, this gives us our yellow. 
We are so grateful to have found you and it has been such an incredible experience for us to collaborate with you in this project.  
I have really enjoyed working with Tea & Tequila, always extremely punctual with providing the materials and payments and I’m very happy you’ve decided to start working with natural dye and have trusted me with this project.
“Working with Mother Nature is very satisfying when you understand it is a living being, and you understand your limitations as a human being”
- Porfirio Gutierrez, a natural dyer from the Teotitlan región