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Pablo - Gold & Gemstone Jewellery, Mexico City

Pablo is an jewellery artisan based in Mexico City and is responsible for our gold-plated and gemstone pieces. He works in his own, family-run workshop.
He learnt to make jewellery by watching his family skilfully make pieces. Pablo then took various courses to learn how to handle silver, design jewellery and discover more about the characteristics of various gemstones.

The majority of our natural, crystal gemstones are sourced from Mexico, with a few from Brazil. The sourcing and selecting process takes time, as Pablo hand-chooses the stones with the ideal colour, size and shape. These raw gemstones sometimes contain natural imperfections, adding an extra layer of unique value to every piece.
This creation process is a very specialist type of jewellery making that is now increasingly rare, so we have to rely on Pablo’s timings and be patient for as and when we can restock.