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Carmen's Team - Clothing, Mexico City

We're lucky to work with a talented team of seamstresses and seamsters at a workshop in Mexico City, who make all our clothing by hand.
The workshop was set up in 2001 by Carmen and her husband. She has been working in this field for 35 years and loves what she does.
Carmen and her team skilfully handle our unique materials, such as hand-loomed fabric or cactus leather, with such care and experience.
Martha is our head seamstress, and oversees all of our production in the Mexico City workshop.
Gustavo is in charge of preparing, ironing, cutting and pinning the materials before they are sewn - each stage is done by hand.
 Eli is our samples and pattern cutter. She and Carmen have worked together for 20 years.
Ruth is one of our seamstresses who handles the production of our clothing.
Ivonne embroiders any necessary pieces by hand and also fabricates our beautiful duster bags, which protect our jewellery pieces.