The Backpack Revolution

Comfort and practicality is such an important part of style today. Over recent years our day-to-day essentials have changed to include our laptop, gym kit and half the kitchen sink. Traditional handbags hanging from one arm just haven’t kept up.

Once you become part of the backpack revolution, putting your day bag on your back for a handsfree / fuss free day, you'll never look back. Especially when your back looks so good!

Being perfectionists and always striving to improve, we wanted to make this functional necessity as beautiful as possible in shape, colour and detail. We have now made your backpack dreams come true!


With an inner laptop compartment and outer zip pocket for your phone, this backpack / rucksack / knapsack is as functional as can be.

Despite not necessarily looking like a hiking backpack we actually designed straps with a wide surface area to take the pressure off and reduce any cutting-in on your shoulders... perfect for a long day pounding the pavements or a  holiday hike! 

We are so excited to launch our Vegan friendly Mini Mink Velvet Backpack:


As backpack converters we say, channel your inner turtle and let your back do the work!