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Article: Working From Home & Self Isolation Tips

Working From Home & Self Isolation Tips

Working From Home & Self Isolation Tips

While we are all working from home we wanted to assure you that Tea & Tequila will be taking all necessary measures regarding the virus. We will remain open and business will be as usual, since we are a small team working from home offices in London and Mexico City. We hope to see it through this difficult time and continue to share our Mexican spice with you all.
For this period of isolation we thought we would share our tips on how to stay sane while working from home...
Keep to a routine, especially in the morning. If you wake up early enough try to read a few pages of your book in bed (Millie: ‘I am currently reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight - I highly recommend!’, Sarah: ‘I am starting How to Fail by Elizabeth Day -  I love the podcastI'). Do a morning ritual on the Happy Not Perfect app to settle your thoughts for the day ahead, and write a little catchup in your journal to make each day feel special.
Take advantage of the hours you will save by not having to commute to start your day right. We like to exercise in the morning, either doing a free Heart Alchemy Yoga class on Youtube, or go on a short jog to get some fresh air. Listening to Radio 4 while you work out is a great way to catch up on the news. Get dressed properly, even if you aren't going to see anyone, and have a nice hearty breakfast (eggs and avocado always do the trick).
Listen to music while you work especially if you are on your own. It keeps you focused and your mood lifted while also stopping your mind from overthinking. Suddenly having so much time alone with your thoughts can make you overthink A LOT.
We also find dancing to be so good for the soul, so while we are in isolation let's make sure we give ourselves a little dance around the house everyday.
We have created a little feel good playlist for you to work to in case you fancy some inspiration, we hope you enjoy it.
Stay safe and healthy,
Millie & Sarah
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